Rockwell Trading Offers Day Trading Education for Beginners and Seasoned Professionals Alike

For aspiring day traders and investors, learning the ropes can be both complex and overwhelming. In order to trek through this complicated world, traders often seek out educational services from trading companies. Austin-based company Rockwell Trading provides in-depth educational courses and self-help materials in order for amateurs and professionals alike to achieve their trading goals.

Easy to understand and execute

To simplify the world of trading, the company supplies several day trading courses focused on imparting high quality, efficient day trading knowledge. Courses offered provide the company’s philosophy on trading, including several useable and practical strategies. Lessons are designed to be easy to understand and execute. This company takes a no-frills approach, believing that most day traders make the process more complicated than it needs to be.

Simpler is better

Their courses emphasize the mantra that simpler means better when it comes to day trading tactics. Extensive courses are offered in several DVD packages, including the “Power Crossover Method”, “Five Trading Strategies Bundle”, and “Personal Coaching Program.” Most strategies can be learned in less than one day – in some cases, in even less than an hour.

Multiple platforms for learning

Simple yet effective, the Rockwell approach is also available in several eBooks, including a free eBook for download on the website. Interested customers can also view several topical day trading webinars and workshops presented by the company’s founders. By signing up for their Club, aspiring traders can also keep updated on trading strategies, tools, psychology, and other crucial aspects of trading. Club members receive monthly, one-hour mini trading courses helpful in keeping up with volatile markets.

For beginners and experienced traders alike

Educational services provided are beneficial for both beginners and seasoned traders. A simple, time-effective investment, the program gives new traders exactly what they need to know to execute effective trading strategies. Alternatively, the program serves as an add-on for experienced traders looking for new trading ideas and hoping to combine some program strategies with their own.

Affordable and high quality

The company also strives to provide its resources at an affordable rate. Recognizing that educational courses can be a significant investment, simplified, high quality services are presented at low rates. A majority of the company’s products and services are available for less than $100 while many are available for free.

Founded by Markus Heitkoetter in 2005 and following a career with IBM while centered in Munich, Germany, the company was formed to give exceptional trading strategies to both beginners and professionals. With the goal of offering powerful and unique strategies for day trading via its variety of courses: eBooks, consulting services and webinars, the company provides a systematic approach to everyday trading. As a member of the Better Business Bureau, they also received an A+ rating.

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